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I think...

2010-02-17 19:03:55 by Dalkia14

I think that getting 3960689.1 feet in a game of toss the turtle is a world record.


2010-01-10 09:10:32 by Dalkia14

A new everything. lots of it. lots of every thing.


2009-11-27 17:16:45 by Dalkia14

I went to the Ferrari dealr in manhattan today. it was so awesome.

TOO good

2009-09-01 16:48:38 by Dalkia14

there is such a thing, and I am. at enigmata. im not done with the game yet, but im making 300000 gold a level


2009-08-23 21:23:49 by Dalkia14

I just hit 2000 points.


2009-06-26 16:03:21 by Dalkia14

Yep! Its that time of year.

oh boy.

2009-06-09 08:39:01 by Dalkia14

I got a facebook.

you will not friend me.

I have friends unlike most of you.


2009-06-04 21:23:12 by Dalkia14

Tomorrow will be awesome.

reason: scool ends! </unhappy>
Better reason: 2 day boat trip (on a crappy boat!)

EDIT: this post was made on 6/4/09

music theory

2009-05-26 06:44:23 by Dalkia14

me andDarkmaster603 are making a flash on music theory.

space invaders!!

2009-05-23 13:59:32 by Dalkia14

is on my shirt RIGHT NOW!! this is why i live in brooklyn.